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Having a missing tooth can be a detriment to your appearance and wide range of oral health factors.

This includes shifting of the teeth or loosening of surrounding teeth, as well as erosion of the jaw bone.

Many who have one or many missing teeth experience muscle tension, migraines, jaw pain and sunken appearance around the mouth that can age their face by decades.

The process of dental implants is a predictable procedure that begins with a titanium post surgically placed in the jaw bone. A metal abutment is then placed on top of the implant.

This abutment is temporized to allow for tissue healing and bone integration that occurs over time, called osseointegration and takes 4 -6 months on average. A permanent porcelain crown is then placed onto the abutment that functions and appears like your natural teeth.

Many are surprised by how quick and successful dental implant surgery and recovery is. In fact, we find that in most cases the process is easier than a tooth removal procedure. Our surgeon has a strong background in dental implant surgery.

The convenience of being able to have the surgery completed without the need to visit a separate office makes dental implant placement in our office even more comfortable.

Dental implants are a successful option for tooth replacement that carries many benefits other solutions cannot.

Discuss all of your options with a dentist on our Dublin team and we’ll help you find the right options for your smile. We make it possible for you to regain your ability to smile confidently.